Let’s Help Each Other During Covid-19

Let’s Help Each Other During Covid-19

First and foremost, Jimmy and I hope that you and your family are safe and well.

Secondly, we send a heartfelt a HUGE thank-you to all you healthcare workers and those of you out there working in public to keep things running. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate you.

Jimmy and I find ourselves very suddenly, like so many others, with time on our hands. We are optimistic and embracing the down-time (as you know if you follow me on FaceBook, we have been walking and playing with pets a LOT).

Let’s Help Each Other During Covid-19. As you think of ways to support local small businesses, which we real estate agents are, here are a few things that would mean so much to us now and for helping create future business:

  • Leave a review! Even if you have done one in the past (much appreciated!), it can be done again on a different platform such as:


Google – if the link doesn’t work, just Google my name. The business panel will come up on the right side of the page and will allow you to leave a review.


Angie’s List


  • Tell Two Friends About Me. Remember that old shampoo commercial: “if you tell two friends, and they tell two friends . . .” You can help me generate business by telling your friends that I am the agent to call when they begin to think about buying or selling a house!
  • If you or someone you know needs to buy or sell now, contact me. It isn’t impossible, but it involves virtual showings and possibly a long due diligence period. I now provide 3-D or video walk-through tours with my listings so that a buyer can virtually walk-through your home. It might not be the ideal time, but we can make it work without endangering anyone’s safety. And if we can’t, I will tell you. We aren’t taking any chances.
  • This will pass, and I will need your referrals more than ever. I weathered the Great Recession, and I will weather this, too. None of us know what the future will look like, but I plan to still be a real estate agent for many years.
  • It is not too early to talk now about future plans. I even Zoom and Skype now! How can I support your business during this time?
  • Let’s Help Each Other During Covid-19. Let me know how I can promote your business, too.

Corona Housing Market is Not Like the Great Recession

A friend tagged me on FaceBook with this article from Keeping Current Matters called “5 Simple Graphs Proving This is Not Like the Last Time” and asked me to comment.  Below are my thoughts in reaction to the key points of the article as well as in general on how Corona Housing Market is Not Like the Great Recession .

  • I think they are right.  Except that homes are teetering on too expensive (point #4). We might get a little adjustment there. I expect the housing market to continue to stall for the duration of “stay at home” or whatever distancing order is in place or is common sense. We agents can do a lot virtually, but at some point, we must set foot in a house to do our duty to “discover and disclose” as well as to be able to offer sound advice to our clients. So it is impractical that much will happen in the next month (to six months – who knows?). I can’t imagine that many people are contemplating a move in the midst of this pandemic.
  • When things let up social distancing-wise, there will be a pent-up demand for housing. Assuming mortgage rates are still low and people haven’t ruined their credit and lost down-payments, buyers should re-enter the market pretty quickly. However, for potential buyers who were planning to cash out of retirement funds in order to buy, it will also depend upon the stock market recovery.
  • If a home is vacant, a seller may want to go ahead and get it on the market as soon as is feasible. If the home is occupied, I can’t recommend putting it out there for showings, even if your area isn’t on lockdown yet. Do you really want strangers in your home right now? A real estate agent acquaintance of mine in another state has Covid 19. He did everything right and followed all the suggestions for social distancing, cleanliness, etc. What if he had been in your house last week, even without a client? (note: he wouldn’t have been, because he was being prudent, but some agents are still out there trying to act “normal”).
  • Final thoughts are in regard to my fellow agents. Even though Corona Housing Market is Not Like the Great Recession , some of us will survive this and some won’t (gosh, financially, I mean!). That is heart-breaking. Unlike the Great Recession, which crept-up on us slowly and still allowed for sales throughout the recession, this market has screeched to a halt. Those who are living commission check to commission check will have a terrible time of it. Those who are overextended will see losses. Some will leave the business. If it goes on more than 6 months it will be devastating to our real estate professionals who have dedicated much time and expense to education, creating their own small business, and plying this trade. We are all small businesses (independent contractors) who are totally dependent on commission income and still have bills to pay even when sales aren’t being made.  So say a prayer for your favorite real estate agent, please!
  • And if you are contemplating buying or selling, now or later, get in touch with me.  It is never too early to come-up with a strategy, and I have time to talk with you! Visit my homepage, email, or call me: 828-216-2300!

Asheville Real Estate and Corona Virus

Asheville Real Estate and Corona Virus

As I write this on March 13th, there are no documented cases of COVID-19 in Buncombe or surrounding counties. But we all know that it is just a matter of days before that happens.

How does this change the real estate scene? 

My crystal ball isn’t working, but I can tell you what I think based on nearly 19 years in the business in Asheville – none of which saw a pandemic.

  1. People still need to sell and buy houses, and I and my fellow agents are here to facilitate the process
  2. It could be a good time to buy, since some potential buyer competition will decide to postpone travel to look.
  3. Interest rates remain low, making this a great time to buy.
  4. There is still a shortage of inventory, making this a great time to sell.
  5. We must show and inspect homes with caution and courtesy to all parties, especially the sellers.

How Will Showing Practices Change?

There have been no guidelines or mandates from our REALTOR® associations or office ownership on how to deal with Asheville real estate and Corona Virus. Here is what I have planned at this point.

For My Buyer Clients:

  1. When showing homes, I will ask my buyer clients to follow me or meet me at the property in their own vehicle. This is a tough one for me, because I have always felt that it is part of the service I offer to drive my clients. It is also a great time to get to know each other and to discuss the houses and process. But for everyone’s safety (my 89 year old mother lives with me), I think an abundance of caution is in order.
  2. When I open and close the door and lockbox to a house, I will wipe it before and after with disinfectant wipes.
  3. I will remind myself and my clients not to touch anything as we look through the house.
  4. I have a small stash of hand-sanitizer in my car which I will share as long as it lasts.

For My Seller Clients:

  1. I will confirm with my seller clients that they are comfortable with people coming into their home. There is no way to screen potential buyers as possible carriers of any illness. With vacant homes, of course, this won’t be a concern.
  2. As we are experiencing warmer weather, it might be helpful for sellers to air out their homes after showings. Even better if windows are open throughout the day.
  3. I will leave Clorox wipes (when they are again available) at the door of each of my occupied listings, and, if possible, hand sanitizer readily available (that horse may have already left the stable). Maybe in a week or two these products will be available again.
  4. I will quiz home inspectors and appraisers about their possible exposure and symptoms of illness before they visit the house.

I am certainly open to other suggestions for navigating this unprecedented situation.

While being as cautious as possible, I feel that life must go on.  People need to buy and sell homes, and we can still make this happen with as little risk as possible of spreading germs.

Tips for protecting yourself and others from the Corona Covid-19 Virus here.