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Any Real Estate Agent can show you houses, but I have a method and proven success rate. Not only can I help you find the right house and understand the current market, I can also expertly navigate the buying process and help you negotiate.

Buying a home has become increasingly complicated in recent years.  Right now, mortgage loans are one of the biggest hurdles.  Additionally, negotiations and inpsections have become more complex.
Working with an Buyer's Agent is one of the most beneficial things you can do in the home buying process.  An agent has the knowledge of the process and complexities of the contract and other forms, the experience with loans (changing almost daily!), and the market knowledge to facillitate your choices along the way and to make it all as smooth and easy as possible.
I have been representing buyers in successful transactions since 2001. During that time I have learned what works best to make the process smooth for all parties.  Itis important to consider your relationship with your agent as a partnership with the goal of working together to find the right house for you!
Understandably, when someone decides to buy a home or relocate to the Asheville area, the first thing he or she wants to do is start looking at houses.  But this isn't the first step!
I love working with buyers, and my clients are happy with my service (see sidebar testimonials).  Experience has taught me the most productive way to go through this buying process.  
I want to share with you my proven method that reduces stress and enhances the process for you and for me:
  1. If not paying cash, obtain loan pre-approval:  You need to know what you can reasonably afford before beginning to look at homes.  Don't just ask how much you are approved to borrow, find out what the monthly payments will be including taxes and insurance.  Ask about downpayment options and whether mortgage insurance is required. You need to know that you can obtain a loan in today's challenging lending world.  Finally, when you do find "the house" and make an offer, the seller wants to know that you are pre-approved before locking into a contract.  Being able to submit a pre-approval letter from a lender with your offer makes your offer MUCH stronger!  See my Lenders Page for a list of local lenders other clients have recommended!
  2. If you are Relocating to the Asheville Area: Plan on "falling in love" with Asheville before looking at homes.  If you aren't sure this is the place you want to move, you need to figure that out.  If you don't love it here (for the culture, arts, diversity, natural beauty, whatever), there is no point in looking at homes before you commit to making the move.  Even now, our prices are higher than most parts of the Southeast, so you will get discouraged if you don't understand that when you spend that money, you are buying into the area, not just a home.  If you are in the early stages of deciding about moving here, call me before you come to town.  We will meet, discuss what interests you, what type of property you are interested in, and come up with a plan for working together!
  3. Your input is crucial in the process!  What this means is that you need to know what you want and be informed about different areas.  The best way to do that is to explore, explore, explore.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to pick out particular listings that you think would be of interest and go drive by them.  This gets you into different areas and helps you see what you get for your money.  Inevitably, you will resonate with one or two different parts of town or the county and want to concentrate your search in those areas.  This saves tons of time and frustration later, and it helps you get to know your way around!
  4. Once you know you want to move here, have gotten pre-approved, and have narrowed the location field:  we will head out together to hit the search 100% -- I will drive you to the ends of the earth and back to find the right house for you, but you need to have done the preliminary footwork first.  I am here as a resouce and consultant for you in that preliminary phase, so don't hesitate to use me.  Once you are ready to "pull the trigger" and are a ready, willing, and able buyer, my devotion to you will be total!
I look forward to working with you to find you the right home.  Call or email me with any questions about anything!
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