Buyer Services Offered

Should you use a Buyer Agent?  Yes!  You are making the single biggest investment most people ever make, so don't you want professional guidance along the way?  A Buyer Agent does much more than just open doors for you.  We are your trusted confidants and advisors through an increasingly complicated purchase process.  I have been helping buyers for more than 10 years, and I can help you, too!

What Most Buyers Want -- Are These Services of Value to YOU?

  1. Help finding the right home
  2. Help negotiating the terms (there is a lot more than price to negotiate)
  3. Finding accurate comps to determine what to offer
  4. Help negotiating the price
  5. Assistance with the paperwork (and there is A LOT of paperwork!)
  6. Help in determining what they can afford
  7. Help in arranging financing

Here's how we do all that:

Needs Analysis
  1. Analyze buyer's wants and needs
  2. Help buyer get a clear picture of our unique market
  3. Decide how to proceed according to buyer's urgency and time considerations
Loan Pre-approval
  1. Guide buyer to reliable lender
  2. Obtain pre-approval
  3. Help choose best mortgage financing plan for buyer's needs
Neighborhood Information
  1. Help familiarize buyer with different towns, areas, and neighborhoods
  2. Provide a list of neighborhoods or areas for buyer to investigate
  3. Target search to specific areas
Home Search
  1. Organize and schedule a home search process
  2. Ongoing updates and showings of available homes
Make an Offer
  1. Compare homes and make decision
  2. Look at appropriate comparable listings and sales
  3. Advise on terms and considerations of offer
  4. Prepare all necessary contracts and addendums for offer
Negotiating to Buy
  1. Present the offer to the listing agent
  2. Negotiate as necessary
Vendor Coordination (inspections, lenders, closing attorney, insurance agent, etc)
  1. Advise and supervise vendor selection
  2. Coordinate vendor services
Preclose Preparation
  1. Coordinate document preparation
  2. Provide preclosing consultation
  1. Review closing documents
  2. Resolve last-minute items
  3. Attend closing with clients
Post Closing
  1. Assist as possible with postclosing issues
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