Seller Services Offered

Needs Analysis
  1. Help clarify the motivating reasons to sell
  2. Determine the seller's timetable
Pricing Strategy
  1. Determine the best selling price strategy given current market conditions and sellers needs
  2. Provide net proceeds worksheet
Property Preparation
  1. Advise on repairs and improvements
  2. Provide "staging" strategies
Marketing Strategy
  1. Develop a customized marketing plan
  2. Establish a marketing timetable
Receive an Offer
  1. Evaluate offers taking all terms into consideration
  2. Make counter-offer strategy suggestions
Negotiating to Sell
  1. Negotiate counteroffers
  2. Advise on final terms and condtions
  1. Prepare post contract work list
  2. Advise on repairs and vendor services
Preclose Preparation
  1. Coordinate document preparation
  2. Provide preclosing consultation
  1. Review closing documents
  2. Resolve last-minute items
  3. Attend closing with clients
Post Closing
  1. Assist as possible with postclosing issues
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