Radon - Should You Be Concerned?

Radon is a gas that is created in bedrock and is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Since we live in an area with a lot of bedrock, radon is an issue in Western North Carolina if it builds up in a house above acceptable EPA limits (4.0 pico curies per liter).  I ALWAYS recommend radon testing during your due diligence period in purchasing a home, and it is a good idea for sellers to test if they have never done so.  Even if radon has been tested in the past, it should be retested regularly because as a gas, its levels fluctuate, especially with barometric pressure, temperature  and seasons.  Radon is relatively easy to mitigate from a house.

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Increasingly, more homes in our market have radon mitigation systems already installed, and some contractors are routinely installing them as they build - just in case.  Even when a home has a system in place, I suggest testing the radon levels to make sure the system is working properly. Don't freak-out over radon.  It can be addressed in a highly successful and fairly affordable manner.

Here is information on testing and mitigation in North Carolina

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